Sutherland Avenue - MS-DA

Description from MS-DA: This project evolved as a close collaboration between Xiao Ma Wei from Beijing & Michel Schranz in London. The brief was to improve the original layout and quality of fit out and to establish a clearer strategy of use. Xiao Ma Wei's main aim was to integrate the mezzanine floor better into the flow of space and hence 4.2m of total room height was split into nearly equal room heights on top and below - a total floor build up of only 80mm for the mezzanine helped to maximise the use of space. The mezzanine has become the nest and sleeping pod accessed via a climbing frame that attracts use not solely to get up onto the next level. The kitchen is now half hidden with an abundance of storage relative to the size of this dwelling in order to conceal as much functional elements as possible. Another focus was the flow of light in connection with sight lines; there exists a felt transparence in this small one bedroom flat as soon as one enters - accentuated through the dark, large communal staircase through which the flat is accessed. There is an almost Parisian feel to this place, to which we tribute an homage with chevron parquet. Both clients who love & practice climbing & circus arts are delighted to have created their ideal home in London.

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